HOW Hall is an unaffiliated non-profit meeting hall for 12 Step & Recovery programs (including Alcoholics Anonymous, Al-Anon, Narcotics Anonymous, and others). We have been serving the community since 1987 with more than 40 AA and other 12 step meetings per week. 

Unfortunately, How Hall remains closed for now, as we do not have the staff, the resources, or the space to meet the extensive health and safety protocols currently mandated by state and county law.

It looks like we will need to stay 100% closed until we are allowed to be 100% open.

Meeting Rents paid for March will have 1/2 Month Credit when we reopen. No Meeting Rents due at this time.


HOW Hall Location

HOW Hall is located in Huntington Beach, California on the south-east corner of Beach Blvd. & Garfield
(behind Honey-Baked Ham) at:

HOW Hall
19092 Beach Blvd. #G-H
Huntington Beach, CA 92648
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Host a Meeting at HOW Hall

HOW Hall is a great place to host 12 Step & Recovery meetings. If you are intested in starting a new meeting or are looking for a location to host meetings for your group, please contact HOW Hall for more information.

Find a Meeting

Are you or do you know someone who is interested in attending a meeting? Here are some resource for finding 12 Step and Recovery Meetings:
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